A Missions Agency Focused on the Least Reached.


Christian missions agency

focused on reaching those who have had no chance to hear the gospel. Of the world’s 18,000 people groups there are still 7,000 that have no access to the scripture, Christians, or missionaries. They have no chance to hear the good news of Jesus.

Will you bring it to them?

Why Gateways

Vision For Multiplication

Bethany Gateways doesn’t simply send missionaries, we send mobilizers. We are using the power of exponential growth to take the church to where it is not by partnering with local churches on the mission field, enabling them to train and send their own workers to their unreached neighbors.

Diversity Of Ministry

There is not a one size fits all model for overseas ministry. What is effective in Eastern Europe might not be effective in Africa or Asia. Therefore, at Gateways, we encourage our workers to participate in whichever type of ministry will be most effective in their location.

Cross-Ministry Collaboration

The Great Commission wasn’t just given to Gateways. We realize that to be effective we need to work with other ministries outside of Gateways. We actively are partnering and supporting with other agencies and ministries to bring the good news to everyone.

“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once.”
― Oswald J. Smith

The GAP Strategy

GAP, short for Gateway Access Platforms, is a worker placement strategy that focuses on placing people where in the most impactful areas. The core of GAP is setting up missionary hubs in stable locations that are close in proximity to clusters of unreached people groups. These hubs are places for strategic collaboration and partnership with the national church and other organizations in the efforts to reach the unreached. The hubs will then become launch points for workers to go into less stable regions. The result of the GAP strategy is a network of missions bases from which messengers of the good news can easily enter into locations that are difficult to enter.

Our Goal – Engage 500

Bethany Gateways and its partners are together laboring to engage 500 of the most unreached people groups by the year 2020. It is an exciting and huge goal. There are over 6500 remaining people groups on the planet with less than 2% evangelical Christian population. Gateway’s goal is to target the ‘least reached’ people groups along with its partners.

We are over halfway toward our goal. Would you consider joining us to labor together in light of God’s Great Commission to see all nations reached?